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Sunday, June 6, 2010

20 Days of HCG part II

DAY 6-12
Starting weight is 148. Day 6, I weigh 143.8
I only lost 4 oz. probably due to pork, and my all over the place meals. I will learn from this and move forward. I only have 16 days left!
Coffee with 3 stevia packets

3.5 oz of grilled salmon
3.5 oz of lettuce with 3.5 oz celery with 1 slice of red bell pepper
sprayed 3 oz of white vinager sweetened with one pureed strawberry
1 melba toast
3 sliced strawberries

3.5 oz grilled lemon peppered chicken breast
3.5 oz sliced cucmbers (no salt)
3.5 oz steamed broccoli
1 Melba toast
Apple sliced up with sprinkled cinnamon & 1 stevia packet

DAY 7: Im pissed. I lost 2 oz. i weigh 143.2
why is this happening? I had to watch my inlaws drink beer, eat home made fried chicken, home made french fries while i ate a saucer sized plate of fresh goodness....fine. I am ok with eating right, but if I am only going to lose 6 OUNCES in 2 days I am doing SOMETHING wrong. I have to use chapstick, deodorant, and wash my hair and I dont even put the soap on my scalp, or use lotion. I live in a flippin DESERT so my skin is DRYYYY. I am going to google what I need to do at this point. very frustrated though. I thought I was doing so well and I didnt even cheat!!!

**Lesson Learned: Pork & Salmon screwed me. Salmon is something you cannot have. At least I still lost a few ounces so today I am back on track with my food list. going grocery shopping today<3

BREAKFAST: about 3 cups of coffee no stevia. one green tea.
3.5 oz of chicken breast (grilled with lemon pepper)
3.5 oz celery
1 oz radish (i couldnt eat them all....i do not like them but I have to eat them since they are on the list and I refuse to waste)
1 melba toast
4 small strawberries sliced up.
I seriously BETTER drop ONE whole pound of fat tomorrow morning. I seen in the book which i read compulsively that you can add for a boost add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinager. I will be doing this soon and will let you know what my out come is:) sorry for my rants, but i need an outlet and believe it or not, THIS is helping me stay on track better than just writing my intake down. i will update tomorrow my weight and what I had for dinner tonight-xx
3.5 oz grilled chicken
1.5 oz lettuce
1 strip of red bell pepperchopped finely and one white sweet onion ring raw chaopped
a splash of white vinager and that was my chicken salad (deelish)
3.5 oz steamed brocolli
1 melba toast.
Since I had such disappointing results the past few days i thought I would skip my apple and i actually wasn't hungry with all the water and green tea I drank.
DAY 8: I woke up and I am 141.8 suh weet!!!
per usual my breakfast is coffee and around 10:30 am I will be going to starbucks for my venti iced green tea. (they will sweeten it with stevia if you want but i do it myself) I am ready for a good day today!!!!! -xoxo
3.5 oz grilled chicken breast ( the middle wasnt done so i didnt get to eat the entire thing
3.5 oz of cucumber ( this is half a cucumber all cut up....i took it to work and while i was slicing my half of a cucumber, half of my half already cut up fell on the nasty floor...threw it away)
3.5 oz of brocollie ( the stems were nasty i threw them away)
1 melba toast i ate it slowly since my lunch was ruined.
1 apple.
3.5 oz broiled tilapia with lemon pepper seasoning
3.5 oz broiled zuccini
3.5 oz of boiled brussel sprouts
1 orange
1 melba toast
Before bed I was super hungry so i sliced an apple and had one slice sprinkled with cinnamon

DAY 9- i didnt lose an ounce i still weigh 141.8. the only thing i can even think that killed me was that slice of apple. FRUSTRATION.
I will be doing my "apple a day" to freak out my body. I can now have 6 apples from today through tomorrow. which means I will have one at 11, one at 1, one at 3, one at 6, one at 9 and one tomorrow for breakfast and then my diet begins back normally tomorrow for lunch. wish me luck.

**9:50pm- i actually didnt starve or die from hunger pains or even get a headache. hopefully tomorrow the scale will drop. its amazing how sucessful & motivated you can be when failure is not an option and you take every day one day at a time. we will see tomorrow if im back on track!

Day 10: 141. im thinking maybe no more sugar free gum. Maybe that has too much sugar to allow a full 1-2 lbs of weight loss.

Breakfast: around 3 cups of coffee
3.5 oz grilled tilapia seasoned with salt pepper basil and minced garlic
3.5 oz of broiled in tin foil zuccini
3.5 oz of celery
i passed on melba toast
one orange
I had 2 unsweetened lipton green leaf teas that had zero calories, sugars, anything so we will see how weigh in goes.
I had to have ONE piece of gum because I was DYING.
3.5 oz grilled chicken breast
3.5 oz lettuce
1 onion ring raw diced up
i made a salad with the white vinager and mixed my chicken into it.
1 melba toast.
around 9:30 my husband was eating pizza rolls & a drumstick ice cream SO i chopped up 3 strawberries to give my mouth something so i wouldnt cheat. WHILE i was watching super boring tv, I read this guy's blog as he did a 40 day cycle on HCG and seen he only had ONE vegetable, ONE fruit, no toast and his trying that tomorrow!

Day 11:140.4
BREAKFAST: coffee....i will not have those lipton teas, and like I said, I will be cutting out one vegetable and the melba toast for lunch. we will see. I would like to be at 130 by the end of this round. which means I have 10.4 lbs to try and lose by june 22.....I will be drinking alot more water as well, since for some reason yesterday I didnt have that much. we will see we will see....that's my motto. I think AUGUST 1 regardless of my weightloss I will be doing another round to drop down to 125. That is my goal weight and now I will have success meals and failure meals to refer to!

3.5 oz chicken shredded and put into lettuce with a splash of white vinager
an apple

3.5 oz chicken with salt pepper & tony c's seasoning
one apple

DAY 12: 138.0! *down 10 lbs!*
Breakfast: coffee no sweetner

LUNCH : steamed long green beans
3.5 oz Chicken

3.5 oz chicken in lettuce with 1/2 white onion, strip of red bell pepper
4 strawberries sliced
2 tbsp of hershys cocoa mixed with little water and one stevia packet

it's having club soda, 3 shots ov vodka and half a lime squeezed....


  1. no salmon lady! lol but really only white fish salmon is high in fat : )