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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

losing vanity poundage

I am 5'3" and weigh 146 lbs. My doctor told me after my miscarriage in March that it was "vanity pounds". My friend has done the "HCG Diet" where there are limited natural sugars, no carbs, and weighed meat and veggies. She lost alot of weight and looks amazing. I would like to get there as well so June 1, 2010 was my first day. I have to say, coming from a miscarriage when I first heard about this my hormones were incredibly whacked out and I was SO hateful and angry that someone would turn to this diet. After researching it myself and seeing my friend's results and how its been 3 months and she's kept the weight off, I decided I would tuck my tail between my legs and try it. I told my friend she oculd take before and after photos. I put on a swim suit, and shamefully took a frontal, sideways, and backside picture. I assure you, this is NOT vanity weight. My doctor doesnt want me to get hot apparently. anyhow. I will post my before and after photos up AFTER i have gotten through my cycle. My first two days of HCG injections, I am supposed to "gorge" and eat the most fattening unhealthy foods. the remainding 18 days of injections and 2 days after to ensure the HCG is out of my system I am going to be following the diet. Then I can add calories and a few things into my diet for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks I will be at my weight at which I can post before and after photos. The reason I am doing this is to be a guride for myself and see my progress and to help anyone else who may be doing this as well. the Yesterday when i took my first injection, i went to McDonalds and had a big mac meal, 4 piece chicken nugget with a coke. I then ate TWO popsicles that are like the little strawberry shortcake icecream thingys. Then i had a beer. I dont eat that much i none day EVER. i woke up with a stomach ache. Today I had one cup of cottage cheese, 2 100 cal packs of oreos, and now I am eating a bagel with EXTRA cream cheese. This part of the diet really isnt beneficial to anyone. you just eat as badly as possible. So, tomorrow starts my insane 500 calorie diet. I will be having ONE blog, updating it every day. If you see my results and are interested, you can go to my facebook and see HCG Diet for Less, and my friend sends you all the information, and you can learn from HER! - xoxo

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