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Friday, June 4, 2010

MY 20 Days of HCG

as you can tell, I have started my hcg diet June 1. I load 2 days and then the next 20 i eat 500 calories a day. i base my meals off of the Pounds&Inches book that will be available to you if you go to "hcg weight loss, do it yourself for less" on facebook and order through I weigh 148 lbs and i am 5'3". I was 146 when i ordered the kit but I guess I gained 2 from all of the eating I did knowing this was coming up. To stay motivated i constantly google HCG Diet Recipes, blogs, testimonials, and weigh myself EVERY MORNING. I am keeping track of this to keep me on track and to also help others who also are thinking about doing this or are currently doing it. I have to tell you that H2o will be your bff on this journey. as soon as you feel hungry or even WANT to eat, grab your water. I drink over 100 ounces daily. I drink 1 20 oz bottle on my way to work, I have a 64 oz water jug I have that I drink at work through my 8 hour shift, and then i drink 2 or 3 more 20 oz bottles of water from the time i come home and the time I go to bed. So keep in mind I am doing all of this while I am doing the diet. Please make sure you don't OVER hydrate yourself as this washes away electrolytes, proteins, vitamins, and other essential things you need to live.

*Another tip I have found helpful. Prepare your meals ahead of time. Ziplocks are super handy & easy for traveling. When at home put it on a smaller plate and cut up your meat, your veggies, your fruit, and have your melba toast sitting on top. You look like you have ALOT of food on that small plate, so this helps your psyche. Also, chew slowly, and have a big sip of water between bites. Pay attention to yourself eat. I learned that when I was watching TV and picking from my plate, i touched an empty plate and didnt realize I had finished which then make me freak out a bit. weird but it did.

Day 1: Load day. easy day. i ate McDonald's, beer, ice cream bars, cheese, cheese, cheese, & more cheese.

Day 2: Load day 2: i weigh 148.4 lbs. I ate a bagel with cream cheese, oreos, chex mix, McDonald's, hamburger, potato salad & more beer, cheese, cheese, cheese, & cheese.

Day 3: i weigh 147.4. i have lost one pound. today my diet was:
black coffee. one glass of iced green tea NO SUGAR added.
LUNCH: 3.5 ounces of grilled chicken breast
3.5 ounces of chopped cucumber
3.5 ounces of sliced radishes
one apple. one Melba toast
DINNER:3.5 ounces of grilled chicken breast
3.5 ounces of celery
3.5 ounces of lettuce
one orange. one Melba toast.
OK, lets be honest. i don't eat a whole lot ANYWAY, but when I'm told WHEN WHAT & HOW MUCH i can eat, i kick into sever rebellion. i googled things i could eat to shut my growling stomach UP! i did find that one lb of lettuce is 25 calories so i shredded it up at dinner & basically ate it like popcorn. normally when i am that ravenous I put in a party pizza & eat that and chips while I'm waiting on it to cook. So....instead of ripping into my small dinner, i sat down, turned the TV down and slowly ate chewing slowly and drinking water between each bite. THAT helped me feel full. then i drank 3 20 oz bottles of spring water. and went to bed.

DAY 4: i weigh 145. i lost *2.4 lbs* !!
BREAKFAST: one cup of black coffee, one glass of organic green tea (which is a natural diuretic as well as a great appetite suppressant) i added one packet of stevia to my tea
LUNCH: i had already grilled with lemon pepper my 3.5 ounces of chicken breast. I made a soup with approved stuff so here's my recipe and tomorrow at weigh in i will find out if i need to never do it again, or if it worked.
3.5 oz grilled chicken breast ( cut up obviously)
3.5 oz of chopped celery
3.5 oz of chopped cabbage
1/2 cup of no sodium chicken broth
1 cup of water.
i thew everything in a pot and boiled it and then i added minced garlic, tony C's, pepper, and basil.
Since that was my meat, and my 2 veggies i ate that
1 Melba Toast
3 large strawberries sliced and that was my lunch!

I had a baby shower at work and with all of the cake, chips and dip, fruit & veggie trays, I cheated. I had 4 large strawberries. I feel so guilty!!!!

DINNER: I had 3.5 oz od grilled lemon peppered chicken breast
3.5 oz of cucumbers
3.5 oz of radishes (im not liking them so much)
1 melba toast
1 orange.
I was going to my inlaws house. Since I drink beer there i decided to eat before i went and take alot of bottled water there to stay focused. it worked! i didnt drink beer. but i had alot of imaginary dinners there since we talked about jerkey, lasagnea, sea food.....18 more days and I can have some of those things in MODERATION!!

Day 5: I weigh 143.8. *down 1.2 lbs...suh-weet!!!
today is a rought day. my husband and I will be shopping all day. To prepare I grabbed my apple and my melba toast and 2 bottles of water. I drank coffee the first part and so i was full. but when Derrick went to SBARRO and was eating some italian something or other, I didn't want his, but the smells were making my stomachj grumble, so I ate my apple and my melba toast. we left at 11 and got home at 3:30, so I didnt eat lunch until late and I screwed up.
3.5 oz grilledpork
3.5 oz celery
3.5 oz of broccoli.
Then we left again and around 8pm we went to Chilis.
seriously, i drank as much water and Hot green tea as posisble but I was DYING.
I had to watch him eat southwest egg rolls and a huge bbq burger with fries.
I ate
3.5 oz grilled salmon
3.5 oz of broccoli steamed
when we left and went home I ate
3.5 oz cucumber
1 orange
1 melba toast.
From now on, I will pay attention. PORK is a NONO. i thought I had grabbed frozen steak and only when I was cutting it up and getting the fat off did I realize it was pork not steak, but I had nothing else thawed out & I ate it anyways. We will SEE if my mistakes are slowing me down.

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