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Thursday, July 1, 2010

HCG Diet tips, encouragement, and preperation.

First part of this diet is the mental preparation. You have to be stoked about it, you have to go shopping for it and you have to tell people that you are on a strict diet so that you don't get pressured into cheating. Cheating will cause weight gain for SURE. trust me. I followed the diet to a T except for the 2 times i had alcohol and it wasn't even alot and i gained 1 lb the day after and it took 2-3 days to lose it! Seriously. is a great resource for you to get a grocery list. I printed it out and kept it on my fridge. it tells you the free foods you can have, the meats, the fruits, and the vegetables. I used that as my grocery list. You need to buy glad sandwich bags, foil, and have lots of Tupperware. What I did was broiled my chicken or fish in foil so it doesn't stick to the pan and you dont have to use ANY oils or grease. DO NOT USE THAT (unless) its the "approved" coconut oil which is like a Crisco texture. Also, no flavored coffee. If you cant take coffee black then buy stevia drops at your local health food store where you can buy organic beauty products & groceries or google it to fins it in your area, that are flavored and approved to flavor sparkling water, coffee, tea and even make really good treats. I read about an Orange Julius by blending up my orange and ice. then I added a tad of sparkling water, stevia to taste and 2 drops of vanilla flavored stevia. they have chocolate, raspberry, lemon, lime, and even a root beer which you can add to sparkling water and have a guilt free "soda"! What i did for work this time was of course drink my 3 cups of black coffee, but at lunch I would have a Pierre sparkling water with a wedge of lime and it was fizzy and summery and yummy and its not cheating! Also, i have all my approved veggies bought and stored. The night before work I would weigh my veggies & fruit and get my meal ready so walking out the door I grab and go. When I got home I would cook my dinner and then once again my lunch for the next day. IF you go out to eat and its not planned. . . be a "B". Order grilled chicken breast only and don't have them season it tell them NO SEASON because they will put oil on it and that will screw you up. I'm a psycho so I carry around lemon pepper in my purse. Order your broccoli or whatever approved veggie on the side and steamed. If you have salad, do what I do and I mixed apple cider vinegar with salt, pepper, water, & 1 stevia packet and put it in a spray bottle that I also keep in my purse. ONLY eat lettuce, tomato, & cucumber on a salad. Sometimes I will blend up my strawberries with ice and stevia and have a strawberry Slurpee. Also I slice my apple and put it in a teeny tiny bowl with cinnamon and stevia and microwave for 2 minutes. the small bowl allowes all the juices to be contained and the apples get marinated in it's deliciousness. You can do this. You have invested time, money, emotion, and giving up your normal eating habits to get to a healthy weight and amazing body. Every night before bed just take 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. its SICK so hold your breath and have water or tea available!!! good luck!

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