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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

things that can turn my good day BAD

driving behind a person going 5 "under" the speed limit while the person next to them is going the speed limit but their back tire is aligned with the front tire of the person whose ahead of YOU...while you're late to work

walking in the mall at a NORMAL brisk paced and being slowed down by an entire family who walks shoulder to shoulder blocking you from going around and you have kiosks on one side and shop windows on the other...

while driving home you get to being 15 minutes away when cold chills hit you then chill bumps cover your entire body as the poop cramps get your stomach and you need to get home NOW. you get the red arrow in the left hand turn lane, after bouncing up and down praying the stupid light turns it goes green and you make the left hand turn at a high speed only to get stuck in a construction zone.

the day you realize that no matter how hard you try not everyone will love OR like you and that there will always be negative things true and untrue said about you. Its up to you to realize which ones are worth bringing up and which ones arent even worth a second thought.

going to starbucks the last day until october 15. that i can have anything sugary or fattening since I am doing hcg (again.) anyways. LAST day for 45 days that I can have a FLIPPIN Caramel Mochiatto Espresso & the daggone espresso machine is broken.

getting the only grocery cart that looks sanitary and made in the last decade and as soon as you hit the tile its got a lean to it dragging you sideways and a squeaky wheel. this is the first time you've gone shopping for a month so it's going to be a cart piler.

getting told by bresnan that they will be at my house to install my internet between the hours of 11am and 7pm. then showing up at 730pm . while forgetting to also install cable which thank you i NOW have to take another day off work to wait around for your sorry butt crack to show up for MY appointment.

when your spouse is obviously upset and when you ask, the answer is a nice incomprehendable mumble. You ask what did you say? (politely) "NEVER MIND". ps: if you're going ot be angry and dont want me to know take the attitude elsewhere until its adjusted, or TELL me so I can understand (orNOT) and leave you alone.

after a week of trying to unsuccessfully cuddle withthe hubs while watching tv, the one night i am watching tv ALONE he decideds to play MMA fighting while i am watching the last episode of RHWNJ for a year and listening to him whining about me not cuddeling.

when the son cleans all of the bathrooms and he releoads the tp to where the new piece is UNDER the roller. thought that counts though=]

when I am at work thinking of all of the things that annoy me and I type them up so I look incredibaly busy.

when I am running late for work and the shoes I know that will match has a missing mate. and then I find it in the closet.... just i had been sitting on it. (whose butt is so big it doesnt feel a HIGH HEEL jabbing it?)

when Derrick changes the channel without warning, commercial or not when i am CLEARLY watching it.

Sneezing while driving with a weak bladder. once upon a time i thank God for a spare pair of underware and a roll of tp in the trunk & a walmart bag stashed behind my seat.

walking through a crowded aread while a smoker animatedly swings their smoking arm with no regard to you.

calling to make a payment on my 20 day late health insurance bill and finding out Ive already been put in collections and I now need to make payments to a bank with (ONLY) a 10% interest rate while if I chose to stay with RMHP to make my payments it would be 27%. i havent even been 30 days late are you "F'N" kidding me?

calling to make a payment after my HR & CEO let me know my insurance contacted them about my late payment. (serioussslllyyyy) and getting told that my call would be answered in the order it was received. for 45 minutes where I must be clocked out because the CEO & HR dont think its apporpriate for me to take care of it on works time...didnt it turn to a business issue once they contacted my place of emPLOYment?

going to Cabellas, waiting in line to look at a scope. I get no acknowledgement, anytime the old reirees look up and i attempt to make eye contact they hurridly begin to rearrange bullets. THEN once a mexican comes over they run a background check, ids, immagration status, weapons permit, when all i needed was them to POINT at the daggone scope i was buying the hubs for his birthday. THEN i hear ATTENTION SHOPPERS, THE MALL IS NOW CLOSED at 5pm on a flippin MONDAY. Labor Day Monday though. GEEZ

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