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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


today i found out that i am approved for a car. the thing that aggrevates me is that i am supposed to trade in the envoy, put 500.00 down, and i feel that it's DERRICK's "d'S" responsibility since he made me sell my car when i didnt want to so that he could buy himself a truck. i BEGGED him not to because I wanted to divorce him in MAY and when i found out i could lose my only source of independence i went nutso. i was happy WITH the envoy because its OBViously nicer. and more grown up. the gas sucked though and the payments were 360.00 a month. bleh. now. after leaving Derrick and struggeling for 2 months im totally over it. i can afford the car but only if i want to eat ramen for the next 2 years. Soooo, i now have the opportunity to buy this new Mitzubishi Lancer...NTM anyways it is an '04. He should pay the 500.00. in my opinion, the 2,000.00 he got for my Kia should be returned but im not that much of a bitch. i hope i am being fair. i mean HE can afford to just give me 500.00. MLEEHHHHhhhh.

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  1. didnt have to put money down. got the car. dec 23. suh-weet. bye bye huge gas, insurance, & car pmnt. hello normal life.