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Monday, January 3, 2011

no reason to respond.

1: if you dont know me, how can you judge me
2: if you've not walked in my shoes how do you know where my path is taking me
3: just because you dont agree with me doesnt make me is right for me
4: just because you've had SIMILAR events take place in YOUR life, it doesnt give you the right to make comparisons. we're way different.
5: the reason my business isnt blasted all over FB or the internet is because I respect MY privacy & Derrick's. you should too. butt OUT.
6: if you want to remain in MY life, you do not have to choose between he and i. HOWEVER, dont start drama because the bridge will get burned quick.
7: if i am with someone else. if i am not with someone else. DOESNT MATTER. if i want you to know. i will tell you.
8: Dont make assumptions. even if they are accurate. my life is none. of your. business.
9: if you feel like im such a terrible person. quit talking about me, and move on with your life.
10: if you see me in public, shame on you for running your mouth about what you think, about what you "know" and bring others against me. you DONT know me, or my situation. PLEASE zip it. lock it up. whatever, i truly am defensive about myself and will kick your ass because i have alot of built up anger. dont be the one i take it out on.

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