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Sunday, February 27, 2011

i dont know

i dont know what i did. i was only trying to figure out where this friend boy relationship is going. with a full tim work and full time school schedule its hard to date. and i am falling apart when i feel that i am being put after everything else in his life. I wasnt being accusatory....or trying to be anyways. all i wanted was to tell him that hes free to live his life but i want to know where i fit in. hes certainly extremely important to me. i sent him a text after he went four wheeling for 5 hours and told me he was going to take a nap. all i wanted him to realize was that if it was going to be late when he woke up i couldnt come over because I work in the morning. i told him i felt as if he was pushing me away. this is proceeding an extremely emotional and fucked up week without him. what to do. now hes saying im complicating things and my stomach is in KNOTS. on the brighter side of things I received a 100 on my stupid dream analysis.

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