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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


after a rough 2 weeks of friend boy working and us not being able to hang out. after 2 HARD weeks at work and school. AND dumb ex drama. i finally. had a normal (somewhat) night. i mean i hung out and watched part a movie then went to bed but we did converse about feelings (gag) and why i ost my mind last week. i told him that i dont like how when i go to the store and see something that reminds me of him i buy it but he does nothing to show me how he feels. i told him that i think about him and cant wait to see him and it seems as if i am the last thing on his mind. then i said its like he doesnt have a heart. WTF JENNA!?! yeah and he says its not the first time hes heard that. wonnnnderful. now i sound like the last psycho bitch..whoeveer SHE is. ugh. anyways. i am so in love with him i am DREAMING hes telling me he loves me and waking up and trying to figure out if i dreamed it or he really said it. i hate that word. it means heartache is on its way.

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