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Sunday, March 13, 2011

one for the books.

i got dressed up Saturday night and it was one for the books. Serrr.iously. muchos sex pot.  I wore a gray dress that was off the shoulder. Smokin gray stilletos. straightened my hair and did my makeup. then I went to TX RD HS with a friend from Moab who is also in one of my classes. cute kid. buttttt he's not my type. Just fun guy that ive known awhile and so we went to a party with other friends and played beer pong. "I" played margerita pong. and got shiiityyy. lets see. here are the texts to my beautiful ex fb.
Me: Zika
Him: whats up
ME: im playing beer pong. wana come play.
Him: Im going to bed
Me: K well goodnight. if i make you mad tell me. its just..i miss my friend boy immensly and i will never have another friendboy.

WTF JENNA. no drunk texts geez. terribleness. i hate myself when I get drunk. but so anyways i got a 68 on my psychology test. go me. (sarcasm) and then A on my presentation and A (92) on my POM class....math i have no clue because they dont freaking post my grades hardly ever, i hate my math teacher. mandys got like 20 days left of work thank the LAWWDD. i am so over her. and then theressss the fb. i DO MISS HIM and I DONT want to chase him. but apparently that means no more drinking. so. i have a new thing going on too. its my biggest secret yet. i'll never tell. its SERIOUSLY between me and one other person its our neat secret. love secrets. anyways its such a surprise and its fun so i will see what the heck happens here. just call me satans mistress i guess. i think im going to hell.

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