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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


so yesterday. so over it. i dont give a fuck. just kidding. my heart hurts, mt head hurts. my eyes hurt from crying and im mad at myself. i tried to hold back while asking him if he would leave if: blah blah blah. everytime he said he wouldnt leave i fell more. then one day i fell all the way and thats when he said ok youre right. i cant do it. fucking bastard ass dick. why. why did you wait until my heart beats for you and i cannot ever imagine kissing anyone else again before you think that maybe its too much. you dont deserve me. i may be too good for you and you may think im totally being dramatic. fuck you. you hurt me. and i would rather take physical punches that are easy to walk away from than the kind that scar your heart forever. and ever. meep. thanks for leaving that fucktard message jenna.

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