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Monday, April 4, 2011


so this weekend :: SATURDAY, i was supposed to go out with juliet and her friend leslie, some people from school, kid, and it was supposed to be a banging time. well FRIDAY night. i went to a party at kid's brother's house and we all played quarters and got shitty. went to juliets for a bit then went back to jordans to watch a movie. i woke up with kid begging me to have sex with him. wtf? i already have told him i love to hang out with him but its as friends. i cannot be more than that. im just not over the fb. bleh. so then saturday we went to chilis with juliet, chuck, leslie, and then kids roommate. then went to rockslide where i met a ton of really good girls that i cannot wait to hang out with. =D but then SUNDAY

morning i woke up crying because i had dreamt this awful stuff about fb and that he died so i grabbed my boots and literally cried and sped all the way there to see if he was ok. i was crossing my fingers that he would even be there for me to check on him because if he were at work i would be freaked all day. so. i get there and his truck is there and i ring the doorbell....i hear Zeek bark and seen him walking to open the door and i ALMOST left then but i figured it was weird enough for me to be checkin on someone's alive status. he came to the door and i just wanted to hug him and kiss his face all over but i just told him i had dreamt a weird dream and was just checking on him. he invited me in but i was just like....ugh. no thanks. so i left. later that day juliet and her husband invited me for dinner and said fb would be there. so i went freaked out that i wouldnt be able to deal but i did....then i crossed the line

. but this time there were no tears. i think i literally am cried out. good stuff. if you dont have a heart, no one can break it. ciao.<3. xo. xo. xo.

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