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Monday, April 25, 2011


its so crazy how the last thing i hear from dumb fb is how if i "hook up with someone he knows" while in moab to lose his number. wtf. i am not sure where he gets off telling me what i can and cannot do. ESPECIALLY when he is unable to commit to me and God knows what he is doing. frus.trat.ion. im so pissed. i am still mad. still. still. ugh. and I havent heard from him and I am so upset. i miss him i want to be with him but i want to get over him. i halfway wish he would be with someone else so i CAN move on. and then I am aggrevated because I dont want to feel that pain. I dont even know what to do. 50% of me is over it. truly truly done. im working on ME and MY future. I am thinking about moving back home. next summer if I have found a job in OH i am going back. i cant take living here and being surrounded by a ton of our mutual friends when we cannot move forward together.

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