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Monday, May 23, 2011


fb= friend...boy. he was always a friend boy.  we dated and then i introduced him as my friend boy and it stuck. so the people who think he was a fuck buddy, no. we dated and that was all. i loved him i still do so its painful to hear his voice when he calls my friend or to see him but we will never be. we cant. we're the two people that would end up like jude and sienna or pamela and tommy. attracted to each other but bad. the end. im over him, us, blah blah blah. i am not ready to be in a relationship and i am not a slut. i will not sleep around or with people i barely know. that is not me. i need to have an emotional connection with someone to even go there. which makes the few people i have been with very special and not some sleazy night that i have to regret. just sayin,

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