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Monday, May 30, 2011

asshole attraction

apparently i can "have" any guy I want. unfortunately they are all ass holes and end up with a:commitment issues b: unable to remain faithful or my new fav. c: have a girl friend/baby=] yesss. thanks. alot. i dont even know. to change my preference in men. the ones im attracted to are full of shit. swear. i dont even want a relationship but can i please have some social interation with a man who is not a moron/cheater? My new concept is everyone is friends. EVERYONE and if i am attracted to run as far as possible in the other direction. build a cement wall with electric fence around my heart and mind and pray to God for some discernment. I am so sad that I attract these guys=[ thank  God I have decent morals and actually establish a relationship with people before hopping into bed so I havent made that mistake. bleh. stupid.

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