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Thursday, May 5, 2011

happy me

Monday I was so siiiick. oMG so i didnt go to work but fb texted me and wanted to know where to go to see if his nose was broken. so we went back and forth on that and then tuesday he called me and asked me if i could let his dog out when i was at work but i couldnt leave so i had juliet go. then at 5 i asked him if he needed me for zeek and he said "i need you for me." ((awwweeee<3<3)) so i told him though "i will come over after my class if you find something interesting to do" so. o . o .o. we went to the movies and I stayed the night. and then YESTERDAY (WED) i asked him if he would take me to lunch but he had to work SO i went to class and then fb asked me to come over and so i went over and we fell asleep. and he held me...i feel so happy.

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