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Monday, May 30, 2011

zer0 alcohol

challenge: accepted. i am going to moab this weekend. no drinking.. . . . . so i will be looking for my friends to provide a bad ass alternative. anyways, this weekend im doing nothing but monitoring my food intake and managing water because i started HCG on thurs & the VLCD part sat. 3 days in down 7 lbs fuck ya. cannot wait until June 25. going to be on day 1 of round 2, day 1 load day because for july, i wana be banging hot. and apparently that for me is at 110. =D anyways so if june 25th is my day 1 load then i can drink ((shitttt ton & this is the plan)) then day 2 i can have my hangover breakfast of the grease Gods. fuckin excited yo. check out my ANA/MIA blog if you want to see my progress and thinspo. xo-j

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