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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

new me.

i am OCD about things starting on anything other than 1. so after the past week and all of the complete nonsense. OH MY GOD i cannot even say the amount of untrue things that have been said about me. . . . omg the things that have been said. and i cried. i bawled my eyes out because i am a good person and my friends and family tell me how good i am and i do so much for people and because i did ONE bad thing i have turned into the anti christ. believe me. words cannot describe regret. I have NEVER had regret but this. hurts. i am not a cheater i didnt step out on the friend boy. and FYI: he has a new girlfriend. i dont like him i am alone in this world. and im ok. i like being me. he and i are not good together but it still hurts. . . but its a hurt that i am dealing with for the first time. . . dealing hurts but it makes me stronger. and no matter how much love i have for him i would never ever go back . what hurts more is that my life is so open i hide nothing and yet people think i need to lie so i must be lying. thats so dumb.

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