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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

end of the day

every morning that i wake up i stare at my phone. like an idiot. because, if there is a good morning text from G-lime i am over the moon and when there isnt I wonder if i should send one or if I will wake him up. every....morning....STOP. seriously. hes such an amazing smart ass person and its so nice to have someone to talk to that i am my complete dorky self and he keeps up with me. 22 days. thats all i have until i meet him. i cant wait to come back to this day and read and be able to compare and see if everything will just keep going and be better, if ive made a life long friend or if we'll just have had one amazing weekend and thats all it will be. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So, i will just keep biting my lip and looking at my phone for now...seeing what today will be like. because so far, every night that i close my eyes, no matter what stresses or blah the day has brought, he is my silver lining and i fall asleep happy.

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