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Friday, August 5, 2011


so i went on a website back in May and talked to a guy from Oregon...we kinda just stopped emailing and then in July i emailed him hello and we exchanged numbers and we fb, talk, text, skype....and its now to a point where I am going to see him Sept 15!! i am so excited!!hes super cool. hes 43, a father of 2, and hes so much fun. he said i make him smile and i am the sprinkles to his doughnut. and hes the corona to my lime. hes amazing. . . . . amazing. <3.

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  1. the sprinkles to his donuts & the lime to your corona... awwwwww <3 im so happy for you!! im a fan of older guys myself, so big ups on that one ;) 43, mm mm mmmmmm, scrumptous lol!