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Friday, September 2, 2011

10.yrs & different

10 years ago I was graduated from high school living, with michelle & driving like a 1984 tempo with a hole in the muffler. i was wearing skirts, no makeup and hair was down to my butt. i had no clue that just a few weeks from this day 10 years ago,  i would meet my first heartbreak, wear my first pants, smoke my first joint, and take my first underage shot. beginning the rest of my adult life completely different from how i was raised. i raised eyebrows across the church with my outgoing, in your face behavior. i am not a bad person. i just dont know how to live a double life so why would i lie about the way i was living. Nov i dated Nate. he was a chef who had graduated culinary school in South Carolina. he was super cute and was a bad boy. he taught me to take a hit off a one hitter joint, introduced me to nickelback, cigaretts, and vodka. after a few months of dating we broke up but i was already into my partying phase and life was now about shopping & partying. i had 2 jobs to support my lifestyle and my mom was IMPRESSED. let me tell you. working 2 jobs and partying i became huuuuge in dayton as far as knowing people. i know so many people there its ridiculous. anyways, i wasnt a fan of pot. i smoked camels because it was cool while drinking. i separated from my friends in the church i grew up in because they were all 18, going to churcch, preparing to marry their high school boyfriends and be house wives or preacher's wives....i just wanted away. i wanted to make friends with people who didnt grow up with me and accepted me for who i was. now i am friends still with the people i went to preschool on through high school with, we will always remain best friends. we live entirely different lives than what we thought we would have growing up. but we remain connected and inspire each other. we have had crazy lives. im sure my friends will all tell you, old friends and new friends alike that my life has been crazy. it has been enviable. i have had amazing adventures and met awesome people. ive met douchers but what would life be like without those insane moments and people to remind you how good your life really is. i cant believe 10 years has passed since the summer after my graduation. so much dumb stuff Heartbreak, Navy, TX, AR, Hurricane Katrina, Cassie's Wedding, My marriage, Gavin born, Deployment, Savanah's Birth, move to CO, Natalie's Wedding, my divorce....alottt! these next 10 years will be better. i know myself now.

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