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Friday, September 23, 2011

and on the third day it was good.

some things i wont tell. but i will say that when i woke up GLime was still asleep so i got into the shower it was around 630am. i just sat down and let the hot water run all over me and i was sad. because this was our last day, i sat there and replayed every moment in the last 48 hours and just began crossing my fingers while the shower ran hot on my skin and hoped that this was the first visit. not the only visit. i wiggled my toes and thought about how good we get along and how amazing he is and how great my visit was. he was so super attentive. he took good care to ensure i was having a good time and i just was sad and happy all at once. so after the shower i came into the room and he had left to get coffee. i went down with him to the breakfast area and got fruit and oatmeal and talked to my mom since she was on a trip with my aunt and sisters. after breakfast we went back to the room and he showered while i did hair/makeup clothes. okay so i was a wreck. i was about to meet his BROTHER & his wife. whattt. G & I went to get coffee and beer for the tailgate then met up with his brother. first of all. i was so nervous i was talking to freakinf talk and when we pulled into the shopping center for the coffee/booze i seen taekwando and said...whats take wondo? and then i covered my mouth and died laughing because i KNEW it was taekwondo and omg i felt so stUPID!! anyways so met his brother K & his wife J. they were way cool. we had 2 hours of driving to Eugene OR to hang out before the party. it was super interesting. so . this lovely amazing fun group of people and myself get to the parking area have some beers, go to the football game. it was sooo fuuun!! we were close to the field actually. i went to a brocos game and sat in nosebleeds so this was super fun. about second quarter J & I decided to go get beer, use the ladies room and buy Duck t shirts. the boys met us soon after and we had beers and nachos. well....i should have stopped there. im TELLING YOU. but nooo. i was comfortable and having fun. so we ended up leaving about 3rd quarter and driving....and i drank budlights in transit like an idiot. somehow. we ended up at a strip club. PAUSE. Oregon has state regulated alcohol so i THINK the strip club was the only place serving alcohol that G felt comfortable taking us drunks into that would serve us. while we were there the boys played video poker. J & I were at the bar hanging out and all of a sudden i noticed a freaking super old man in a lounging wheelchair with a blanket to his neck, no teeth passed out. AT>A>STRIPCLUB. WTF. so i called G over to look. we left soon after. well i have insomnia really bad. that plus stress means that before my trip i wasnt sleeping at all. so i was on day 3 night 2 of the trip with barely any sleep. i was drunk. we get to our room after dropping off K&J and i took off my uggs, my skirt, and layed down and slept for ab=n hour while dreaming/stressing about work. i woke up. D.I.L.U.S.I.O.N.A.L. I thought people were in the room that weren't. i thought things were happening that werent. and i was reacting & talking as if they were real. G. unimpressed. but he dealt with me. then i pulled shananigans with him and we got dressed and went to PF Changs for dinner and had a nice. dinner. loved it. then we went back i packed. fought with airlines to get a later flight that didnt work. so he sat on the couch in pjs watching 48 hours and i olayed down with my head in his lap and watched it. i was sooooo sad. he was better than i ever imagined. the next morning we left at 330am to the airport. i left. now im back in GJ. planning my future. i think he will always be in it whether friends....or more. but i hope more because...hes the Lime.

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