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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

cant speak =x

i cant spend my whole life hiding my heart away but i am holding my chest to feel it beat and then make sure its ok. i cant get hurt again. so i close my eyes and remember the pain and how i ended up there in the first place. and REMEMBER. to be real, be me, but dont give my heart away until i know its an even exchange.

best song i listened to today-adele-love song. i keep hearing this damn song by different artists and Adele & 311 are BY far my fav. i like that laid back hypnotic sound i suppose. in 5 minutes i will have ((8)) days until i leave!

i was trying to be weird and in complete control and know what we were doing but now i just am so excited to go that im like if i have shower gel, razor, toothbrush & hooodies and jeans i dont CARE im ready to meet him. this will be great.

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