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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

goodbye beach hello portland

we woke up on friday and i walked on the beach and talked with my sister and let her listen to the waves. i had such an incredible view from our room and i loved it. he went and got us starbucks and then we drove back to Portland. we went to the dowtown area and walked around and looked at shops and stuff. i just wanted to take it all in. people, shops, the sites and smells. it was super nice. so then we went to a Mexican restraunt and had lunch. then kinkos for him to work on something then we went to this plaza and i went and got a spraytan while he worked on a few things from starbucks. i smelled. spray tan fresh. btw. so we go see a movie. "Drive" weird.good.gorey. but then after that we went to the hotel and i showered and picked to go to Macaroni Grill. num num. so we had a few drinks. then we went to a bowling alley and played shuffle board way wrong and didnt even know until another couple asked to play and then we seen how you're supposed to play. so after a bit we went back to the hotel and crossed the street and went to another restraunt and had a few more drinks. then when we went back to the hotel....i crossed the line. no regrets.

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