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Thursday, September 1, 2011

in my head

jumbled. so jumbely in thereee. i just want to move from here. I am hoping this stupid dui (my mistake yes) but im hoping that i can move still in Jan. i really want to move even if its 2 hours away. and if GLime and i end up talking more who cares where I live if I am flying there or whatever. I can live anywhere and im like ok, Denver has to work. I need a city. i can be closer to OH, in a city, still. able to work at VS, make MORE money, go back to school because I can work with more managers and get an even schedule. Im mad I didnt at least take one class this semester. bleh. i should have done just one online class. or 2. . i dont know i feel like a failure. this time last year i was already plotting to leave but i knew I had to wait until the wedding to figure it out. now i am 28, divorced. working @ VS with only ONE stupid semester behind me. And i am dying to hurry and get my degree so that I can be in marketing with VS maybe...somewhere that I can be something. I dont want to just be a divorced white female. so lame. i need to become something. i just dont know what that is yet.

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