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Sunday, September 18, 2011


so. i am going to tell you each day. how it happened. first of all im super happy. this was the best thing for me to have done since I left Derrick. this year has been stressful and very up & down. to meet someone in such an untraditional manner, meet them in person and have the time of my life. its just hands down an incredible experience. i think he is an awesome amazing guy and i truly truly hope things progress from here. So. first off i flew out at 530am. I get to Denver and I change my clothes and straighten my hair. Once i flew into Portland i went and put on makeup. i walked out wearing sandels a gray dress and a jean jacket. i was so super freaked! i walked to the baggage claim, and then texted him. when he walked up he was just beautiful. just like he looked in pictures but better. he bought me mad libs the game! (sweet) and he said that i had walked by but i had already passed by the time he thought it was me and that my hair didnt look red in the pics so he wasnt sure. THENNN okay so we drove to the coast and got coffee and played mad libs all the way there. Once there we walked around the boardwalk little coastal town. he took me to feed sea lions, and then we had lunch. we went to check into our hotel and it wasnt ready so we went to this little restaraunt and had a few blueberry/vodka drinks and then when the room was ready we showered and got dressed for dinner and went back to the same place. it sits right on the beach so it was beautiful and we had a good dinner and walked down the beach where there were a few bonfires but they were pretty small and intiment so we went

to the front desk and rented the movie Source Code. we held hands and kissed and talked and then we went to sleep. it was perfect.

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