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Sunday, October 2, 2011


so when friend boy used to call and ask me to come over to talk or hold me and play games. he was with his now girlfriend. he asked me not to talk about it ever. im cutting off all contact. i cannot be friends with someone who is a liar and a cheat. i just cant. i mean i slept with him. i loved him. i went over sometimes knowing he didnt want to commit but any time spent with him was me being the time. and now he is still with the girl and i just found out that hes been with her since we initially broke up. what. an. ass. she thinks hes this amazing guy and she has no idea that he called me over and held my hand and would take me on dates KNOWING that he was stringing me along. KNOWING that he had a girlfriend. i HATE him for using me in that way. i would NEVER tell her unless for some reason she found me and asked but....what. a. load. of bullshit. bleh. thank GAWDDD im over him and i have moved on, found myself, and have met Limer. geez. Friend Boy was a baaaad move and a bullet dodged.

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  1. pointing out something....Friend Boy & I broke up in March...he strung me along until May....i recently found out that during the stringing along he was dating his current girlfriend....that is all.