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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the foulest.

i am in SUCH a foul mood today. my one roommate is moving to Denver soon. yay.  another friend of mine just is blowing me off. because i think that shes bonding with my ex and its fine but theres now a conflict of interest in our friendship. i went to court today for my DWAI again...this time with the attorney. but court just puts me in a foul mood. its with gross people. low lifes. criminals. and im just over this town and the people and the way things are around here. im just over it. trying to stay positive. soon i am moving. i think maybe, because I know theres a light at the end of the tunnel i am just rushing it to be done. anyways. so i took like a 2.5 mile walk today and cleared my head and prayed.....this is going to be a trying 3 monnths. im trying to get ready for the holidays. SOOO then LIMER has his surgery....and we havent really talked for like 3 days since i worked and he was in recovery. im so so sad for him i hope he heals. i wana see him SOSO bad. going to OR or OH Nov 3rd-Nov6th...cant wait!

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