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Thursday, October 20, 2011

i cant breathe

o man o man. I am sooo sad. I know its not his fault but i am so sad. i didnt know how much seeing Limer meant until i found out we cant meet up until January. O my gosh it hurts. I sat down and tried to be happy to see my family and thought about my niece and nephew but i just laid my head down and threw my arms across my face and felt myself just hurt all over. I already have had a headache for over a week now but this hurt so i couldnt breathe. i dont feel like I will never see him again. i feel like we're in each others lives for a really really long time. i just feel like we are right. but things have to occur naturally and not forced and if he were to force my visit to have happened and then his kids or work or his life became more hectic we would never see each other again. so i truly believe we will just go through this. its 50/50. completely. i know that theres chemistry, and a connection, and a mutual attraction. i know this. i just hope that its all enough to keep us connected for two more months. i dont see why not. we went July5-Sept15 now Sept18-????January 31 is my cut off. otherwise im flying out to see him and he will just have to have me tag along to see whats next. i miss my Limer Miss him so so bad=[

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