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Monday, October 3, 2011

i digress.

so i took vacation November 3rd- 6th. maybe going to see Limer...i want to. also. the stupidest person i have EVER in my life had to work with pissed me off to great lengths last week and i said NOTHING because im tired of it seeming as if i am picking on them. i had to say nothing. every other employee went to my boss and talked to her apparently so when i was asked i just validated the info and said how i resolved the issue. my mom has always said, that you give someone rope and they either climb to the top or hang themselves. i dont care which direction this girl goes but i dont want to get thrown under the bus by her, carry her work load, or deal with her stupid decisions and since I am unable to fire her i am praying that she figures it out or leaves. when an employee makes me hate them, the line has been more than crossed and i will never ever be able to work with them again. ever. she pisses me off. so bad. omg. anyways. so hope i get to see Limer, im losing friends left & right due to my new drinking habits and the fact that i am trying to better myself and due to my job. oh well. good friends can be counted on one hand. i am grateful for the few i do have. anyways. nothing to talk about -ciao

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