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Thursday, October 6, 2011

the j.o.b.

I learned a lot today. About my other managers in the districe and how to communicate effectively to customers and associates. It was amazing to have such a tight knit group of victoria secret girls together and make new friends. I'm super excited about Holiday....on the other hand with Limer. I am so happy and he makes me happy and I'm sooo glad to have met him and to also feel a strong connection with him. I'm so weirded out because how do you carry on a normal relationship under such abnormal circumstances...I feel like we do a good job but this week has been a bit testy. There are things beyond our control that are going on and I want to be supportive but I don't know how to show my support or understanding when I am so far away. I just am super confident in our relationship wherever it stands, I am being uber faithful....I havemt really established a title but I feel we are mature enough that we know we want to continue this and it goes without saying. I cannot wait to see him again and will be soon. I miss him "like whoa"

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