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Sunday, October 16, 2011

neat.o dream.o.

so i told Limer about the ol accident. NEATO.  i didnt want him thinking I  am an attention whore or money bag grabber. so. now he knows blah blah blah. i told him i need to know if I am coming to see him or going to Ohio 11/3. he said i will know by Tuesday October 18 because he knows i like to plan....whaaa? like to plan?? i wish i had known like 4 weeks ago to plan not 2 weeks before the ticket is bought....Lawdy. any how. so A & S have their daddy in full on post surgery and im crying about seeing him. im so selfish and gross. Wana hear something weird??? 3 weeks ago i dreamt that i was home with my dad and natalie him and cassie were helping me pack to Oregon. 2 days later a girl i work with came into work and said, i had a dream you were with your family and you were soooo happy swinging around in a tree and said I am going to be a step moving to OREGON!!!! and then last night. i had a dream that Limer me his kids and another kid were in a car going to dinner with his brother and his wife and i had a black diamond engagement ring does it all meaaaannnnnnn

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