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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

o fecckkk

o man. first off....didnt even get an email about THIS new set up. threw me for a loop lol. soo. this last week was just crazy. work off work off denver off then work work work work work OBNOXIOUS hours. but. im glad. whatever i can do to stay busy until Jan. October is SUUUCH a hard month for me!! so i came home from work and i am off the next two days. hello therapy and a hike. just watched Jeff Ross' standup and Bill Burr..? i think on net flix. i love it. im going to the next comedy show that comes in town. miss the Funny Bone in ohio. miss my family and i REALLLLY miss my niece and nephew. ive been talking to them alot lately. they are growing uppp!! 4 weeks is vaca. either going to see Limer or fam. dont really care who...just ready to GO. ps: its starting...i can feel it and im dreading it. this is about the time heart ache sets in. im kinda scared.

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