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Saturday, October 1, 2011

sicko words.

these are words i dont like.
i spell them or thesauraus the hell out of it but i dont like these words...add your own.
*feet/foot-im weird about feet
*fart-word makes me shudder
*poop- i will spell this word
*zit-same as p.i.m.p.l.e.
*moist-universally hated.
*thrust-it sounds so dirty
*scrotum-need i explain?
*discharge-self explanatory
*yeast (even if youre speaking of bread....its been abused to the point i think of something else. )
*pube/pubic/puberty....lets stay with adolescent. please.
*damp. okay. . . the towel is damp. is fine. using *damp* as a sex word....creepy
*jack off/jerk off. -action verb---> NOT OKAY

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