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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


few things i learned today.
**i drink because others are
**i drink if im in an uncomfortable place (meeting new people or in an unfamiliar place)
**i drink to enhance a good time

i do not roll out of bed and crack open beer or liquor and start my day. i have on VACATION but i do not just think i need it to make my day better. phew.

i do not drink JUST because others are i have gone to peoples home or at my own and not drank anything because I didnt want to or because i knew the next day I had to work and I didnt want to be irresponsible

I do not drink certain liquors because I know they affect me in a negative way (blackout/passout/sick)

I do though....need to set limits and boundaries. just because I am at a football game and have no responsibilities that day or the next doesnt mean drink until i can no longer hold a can or hold myself up. I need to be more accountable, pace myself to ensure others arent having to deal with a sloppy drunk.

these are the things i learned. I have made leaps and bounds since my divorce. the month of March was a really. emotional and financial. and just astressful month, the beginning of summer and i drank too much from March on my spring break at school until June 2nd when i had my blackout Moab incident. then i became worried so i pulled the plug on Jaegger. I will do shots in moderation and i am SURE that I am going to slip up here and there but im starting somewhere....

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