live to love...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

you know how...?

you know how :
when you take a walk alone and notice nature and put life out of your mind and just enjoy yourself its super rewarding?

you get goosebumps from a memory?

ice cream makes most girls feel better??? ---> i'll take a gelatin or a sorbet.

girl time just makes everything better, even watching dumb chick flicks and dancing around or painting toenails in your panties or even playing in makeup and jewelry....??

sometimes sweatpant day with the boy is the best. you do NOTHING, watch tv, play cards, order take out...shower, cuddle. yums

when life may be crazy but you just know you're doing the right thing in every thing?

when the future seems scary and unknown but you go for it?

friends, and boys come and go but sisters are forever??? its true. im telling you.

 you meet the perfect match and theres a bazillion hours and states between you>? yeah. that.

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