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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


its 11:11 and i wish that by tomorrow i know if im to see Limer again. i have to have some validation or closure. i dont want to not be in his life.....but i bet you i know that its over.....i feel it. i can feel it being done. and that Jan when i move home my NEW life starts just not ready. i have sent EVERY DAY since July 5th a song...and its a different song to Limer and one to three images of either kissng or "i miss you" or limes, or something thats relevant to our relationship to him via email EVERY DAY. every day. and at least 4 times a week a pic of me. since JULY 5th! insanity! a hard habit to break. i miss him already. we will see. ball is in his court now. so so so so so so sad.....

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