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Friday, November 18, 2011


on finding nemo, there is a fish in the tanks that just looooves the treasure chest that opens and emmits bubbles.....thats how i felt today when Limer called me. there was zero point to the conversation. just everything i feel for him came in a huge wave all over me again by hearing his voice. he laughs and he riles me up and then he compliments me and he made me warm when i was in the cold. my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard.....i miss him so hard. today at work i thought, "im not settling, but if he is in my life as texts forever but we at least establish that, then i will be happy.n when i hear a song and i run back to see name of song and artist and text him....its because it reminds me of him. when i take photos of myself to send him its because i want him to see me how i  am every day. no makeup ....lotsa make up...dressed up, pjs...whateveer

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