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Friday, November 25, 2011

limes n happiness

thanksgiving was so random. i spent it with tom nate and juliets fam. us 3 orphans having supper. i loved it but was sad because i miss Gav & Sav so bad it breaks my heart. BREAKS. even though i didnt get to talk to Limer and hear his voice we did text a bit and i just miss miss miss him. I cant wait to go visit him before I move to ohio. The holidays will be so bitter sweet because I am saying goodbye to the few people i have allowed to remain in my life. I get to wind down with my emplyees and my friends before going off to see my Limer and then move home for a big change. I am ready to be involved with the kids for about 6 months and get some more school done. I am excited to venture into marketing and have my family influence and make more memories. this year has had so many ups and downs. the few good things i am taking away from this year are: college, divorce, Limer, Novus, promoting...(never again), learning how to stick up for myself, learning how to set boundaries and not be such a people pleaser...ive learned i can still be myself without compromising what I want and people respect me. Limer brought to my attention a few things about myself and I am grateful for it. I also have learned to listen to my instincts. Although i want to plan everything, sometimes going with the flow and allowing things to just happen works best. this has been a learning year. i love it. my number one favorite thing about this year was meeting my Limer. he makes my heart swell. just love it.

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