live to love...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

have you ever

 i look up and there he is....standing there in a t shirt and jeans looking sexy as fuck looking for me and i go throw my arms around him and kiss his mouth. then... i open my eyes and i see him lying beside me in bed and i get up to  oil on my legs and brush my teeth before lyng beside him to let him run his hand up and down my side......i just want to feel him taste him touch him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

end of the day

every morning that i wake up i stare at my phone. like an idiot. because, if there is a good morning text from G-lime i am over the moon and when there isnt I wonder if i should send one or if I will wake him up. every....morning....STOP. seriously. hes such an amazing smart ass person and its so nice to have someone to talk to that i am my complete dorky self and he keeps up with me. 22 days. thats all i have until i meet him. i cant wait to come back to this day and read and be able to compare and see if everything will just keep going and be better, if ive made a life long friend or if we'll just have had one amazing weekend and thats all it will be. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. So, i will just keep biting my lip and looking at my phone for now...seeing what today will be like. because so far, every night that i close my eyes, no matter what stresses or blah the day has brought, he is my silver lining and i fall asleep happy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

g's, limes, & sugar

So...boy from portland. i am going to see him in 28 dayssss!! So excited. he's amazing. (so far) you know me and my picks. but regardless im so excited to go on this adventure....hes beautiful and super sweet. he puts a smile on my face 97% of the time....the other 3% im just completely lost but hes amazing. i want us to click and be on a good level. crossing fingers to see sugar lime G fix

Friday, August 5, 2011


so i went on a website back in May and talked to a guy from Oregon...we kinda just stopped emailing and then in July i emailed him hello and we exchanged numbers and we fb, talk, text, skype....and its now to a point where I am going to see him Sept 15!! i am so excited!!hes super cool. hes 43, a father of 2, and hes so much fun. he said i make him smile and i am the sprinkles to his doughnut. and hes the corona to my lime. hes amazing. . . . . amazing. <3.