live to love...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

i love you.

we said it. it was sooooo weird. Jan 10 G & i took the dogs out for a hike and to run them since they have been cooped up all winter. while we were walking i didnt talk for the 3 miles I just thought. I am so happy here at home, I have my family, and G, and I am happy. He is a mix of everything good I have found in so may different guys I have dated that hes perfect to me. He is overly clean (A+), He is a hottie yum yum (yay), he is patient and sweet and he takes care of me. Ive never wanted someone to completely take care of me but he certainly does. Anyways, i realized on my walk that i could see me with him forever and actually be happy an simple just having kids and living a calm normal life. So that feeling began to grow with my happiness, and then on his sisters birthday after a few drinks we went to sleep and when i woke up i asked him to wake up and look at me. he looked and i asked him if he understood what i was saying and would her remember it and he said yeah why whats up and i said, I love you. I just dont want to talk about it but I love you. and he said Ive been holding back telling you that for a while now and he held my head on his chest and rubbed my back until i fell asleep. it was so very sweet. i am very happy and i feel very secure in this relationship. he's a true Godsend.